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Problems After Installing Latest Upgrade

problem- I upgraded to the latest version this morning. Since then, I have an advertisement/button/link appearing on the left-hand side, whee all the mailboxes, etc., are listed, telling me to 'Speed up your computer.' I also have an ad alternating where the clock usually is, about getting a free gift from Incredimail's Facebook page, which is the 'new' skin ... which I got ages ago. When I click on the ad to remove it, I am then told I can remove ads by upgrading. The thing is, I've paid for Incredimail for the last several years, going back to v1, and I am not happy at all with this problem. I tried uninstalling and re-installing, but it hasn't fixed the issue. All my serial numbers appear when I click on Licenses link within the Help menu.

solution-Concerning the advertisement, please check if your IncrediMail Premium or IncrediMail Plus registration code is appearing in the 'Licenses' dialog from the 'Help' menu and also make sure the 'Show Advertisements' is not checked in the 'Help' menu.

You can try also to refresh your IncrediMail license simply by doing the following:

1. Remove it from the 'Help' menu under the 'Licenses' dialog
2. Close IncrediMail completely by right-clicking the tray icon near the computer clock and select ‘Exit’
3. Reopen IncrediMail and register your code again.
4. Close IncrediMail completely as described above once again and reopen IncrediMail to see if your privileges came back to normal use